Fresh mountain air and the Bohinj area forest energy will set the revitalising process in motion the moment you arrive. Nature here is our greatest asset, offering countless opportunities to enjoy its riches. The beauty of the Triglav National Park is bound to inspire you to do outdoor activities. Take a walk in the forest, conquer the mountains, ski and let the adrenaline flow through your veins. Even a quiet evening by the wood-fired oven or a friendly conversation with the local people are experiences equally filled with beauty and hospitality, typical of the Gorenjska region.

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Forest, quiet and you

The Alpine Homestead is located in a small idyllic village, surrounded by grassland and forests. The vast forests of Pokljuka invite you to explore them. Even if you are not a sporty type, you can take an invigorating walk that will reward you with spectacular views. You are only a short drive away from Lake Bohinj, where you can relax by the water or take a boat ride. Let nature take its course and feel as it affects your body and mind.

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People and cultural heritage

We try our best to make you feel at home during your stay. Take the time and talk to the local people – you will be surprised by their openness and love for life. Learn how the local customs and traditions have been kept alive in the area and put your manual skills to the test. Learn how to make bread, craft or chop wood. Your hands will impress you.

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Nature invites you

You can observe nature from afar, or you can choose to go and actively explore it in numerous ways. Give your body a chance to show you what it can really do. Our surroundings, inside the Triglav National Park, offer plentiful opportunities for sports activities. Put on your hiking boots and conquer the mountains, get on your bike and cycle the roads unexplored, measure your strength with mountain water pearls, and warm up in winter with activities on snow. Increase your heart rate, your body will be grateful.

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Invigorating water

Lake Bohinj is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia. Located only 20 kilometres from our estate, it is a place you have to visit. Once you have taken in the beauty from its shore, go for a swim, take a boat or canoe trip or go stand-up paddleboarding. A water paradise for children and adults alike! You can experience similar or even more adrenaline-filled adventures on other lakes and rivers in the vicinity. Are you tempted to go rafting, canyoning, river tubing or diving? We will organise an unforgettable day.

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Ode to snow

Snowy winters are perfect for bringing your inner child to life. Go and test your shape on the nearby ski slopes, which are suitable for experienced skiers and beginners alike. The Pokljuka ski center will thrill cross-country skiers, whereas skiers can get their adrenaline running on the ski slopes of Senožeta and Vogel. Are you ready for a winter fairy tale? Put your skis on and head for the snow!