The world feels like a better place with the smell of freshly baked bread. You can find it in our kitchens. Traditional, hearty and nutritious dishes that our mothers and grandmothers make are prepared daily in our main kitchen. The tiled oven in the basement kitchen invites you to bake your own bread or make a pizza.
Feel free to indulge in the carefree idleness and enjoy the authentic tastes of home.

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Slovenian dishes

Our food goes hand in hand with the philosophy of our estate. It is authentic, natural, of high quality and simple. The food is the same as life itself at the Alpine Homestead. Every morning our table is laden with goodies: selected dairy and meat products, jams, freshly baked pastries and lots of other tasty food. During the day, the scent of homemade food emanates from our kitchen, making you feel right at home.

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We swear by fresh local food

We know that the food quality affects the way we feel and that is why we pay special attention to the origin of our ingredients. Our food is fresh and grown locally. If you feel tempted, you can try baking bread or making other dishes yourself. When was the last time you had an egg that you got straight from a hen? That is one of the many experiences we offer.

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You are more than welcome

Homeliness is created by familiar materials, tastes, sounds and most of all by people. You will feel our hospitality upon our warm welcome and every time you take a bite of one of our local dishes. Even if just for the duration of your stay, we will aim to make you feel part of a big family, bonded by respect and authenticity.